Current teaching

  • Mathematics in action (Ecole des Ponts, 1st year), since 2023 [github repository]
  • Introduction to computational statistical physics (Master 2 in applied mathematics, Paris 6, link), since 2015. You will find here the lecture notes.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning (IP Paris, M1 Applied mathematics and statistics), since 2023. See the official page.
  • Statistics and Data Sciences (Ecole des Ponts, 2nd year), since 2018.

Pedagogic experiences

I very much believe in flipped classrooms, which I have been practicing since 2008. Here are the links to two conference articles describing my experience:

  • G. Buisson and G. Stoltz, La classe inversée à grande échelle en école d’ingénieur, Actes du colloque QPES 2017, 633-640 (pdf)
  • J.-Y. Poitrat and G. Stoltz, Classe inversée en formation d’ingénieur, Actes du colloque QPES 2013, 795-801 (pdf)

Past teaching activities

  • Analysis and Scientific Computing: measure theory, Lebesgue spaces, elementary Fourier theory, introduction to partial differential equations, finite differences (Ecole des Ponts, 1st year, 2015-2022)
  • Scientific computing: finite differences, finite elements, optimization (Ecole des Ponts, 1st year, 2006-2015, link)
  • Spectral Analysis: Fourier transform, spectral theory (Ecole des Ponts, 2nd year, 2008-2016)
  • An introduction to scientific computing: general concepts and some techniques (Ecole des Mines, 2nd year, 2011-2015, link). You will find here the lecture notes.
  • Numerical methods for molecular simulation (2008-2010, Master SMCD).
  • Spectral theory of Schrödinger operators (Master 2, Université de Marne la Vallée, 2012-2014)
  • Introduction to quantum and statistical physics (Projects for 2nd year students at Ecole des Ponts, see also the lecture notes)