Cauchy postdoctoral fellowship


CERMICS, the research center in applied mathematics of École des Ponts, Paris, is pleased to announce a two-year post-doctoral position in mathematics, with the possibility of extension to a third year. This position comes with a net salary from 27000€ per year (which can be adjusted depending on the experience of the selected candidate) and is free of teaching duties. However, candidates interested in consolidating their teaching experience will have the opportunity to give lectures at École des Ponts. The position is available for commencement anytime between September 1st and December 15th, 2024.

Candidates are encouraged to suggest collaborations with permanent researchers at CERMICS in their research activities. Additionally, a personal scientific agenda related to the areas covered by CERMICS —mathematical analysis of deterministic and stochastic models, numerical analysis, optimization, operations research, probability, discrete mathematics, etc.— is very much welcome.

For more details regarding living conditions in France, taxes, health insurance, teaching opportunities, working budget, starting dates, visa applications, etc., do not hesitate to contact us.

Important dates

  • Deadline for applications: May 10, 2024.
  • Result announcement: May 27, 2024.

Who can apply?

Individuals with a PhD or those preparing a PhD in mathematics, computer science, or related topics, of any nationality, are eligible to apply. However, the selected candidate must have defended the PhD thesis before the beginning of the post-doctoral contract.

How to apply?

Interested candidates should contact a permanent researcher at CERMICS. Upon endorsement of the application by the researcher, candidates are expected to prepare a research project in collaboration with him or her. The list of researchers at CERMICS is available here.

The candidate should then submit a single pdf file at containing the following elements:

  • A cover page summarizing the application:
    • Name of the contacted permanent researcher at CERMICS.
    • Desired starting date.
    • Title of the research project.
  • A resume with the publication list.
  • The research project (maximum two pages).
  • At least two recommandation letters.


For inquiries regarding the position or the application process, please contact