CERMICS Colloquium

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Forthcoming sessions

János Pach (Renyi Institute Budapest and MIPT Moscow, Bézout Chair 2019)

Jointly organized with Labex Bézout

Tuesday, November 12th, 14h – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS

How to escape the curse of dimensionality in combinatorics

According to Gelfand, “at the bottom of most deep mathematical questions there is a combinatorial problem.” Combinatorics, once viewed as “the slums of topology,” has come a long way during the past century. It has its own powerful techniques and close ties to algebra, topology, information theory, and several other disciplines. Nevertheless, many basic combinatorial problems, including ones needed for applications, are wide open, partially due to a phenomenon called “combinatorial explosion” or the “curse of dimension.” In this talk, we will illustrate how to solve some notoriously difficult open problems by restricting our attention to certain combinatorial structures arising in geometric, algebraic, and practical applications. The talk will be entirely self-contained, and no previous knowledge of the subject will be assumed.

Jean-Michel Coron (Académie des Sciences, LJLL)

Wednesday, December 18th, 14h – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS


Serge Abiteboul (Académie des Sciences, ENS/Inria, ARCEP)

Wednesday, January 22th, 10h


Hugo Duminil-Copin (IHES)

Wednesday, April 22th, 10h


Alfio Quarteroni (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, EPF Lausanne)

Monday, October 5th


Yves Meyer (Académie des Sciences, ENS Cachan)

Monday, November 16th


Past sessions

Stéphane Mallat (Collège de France et Académie des Sciences)
Friday, September 20th, 10h – Amphi Caquot I
Mathematical Mysteries of Deep Neural Networks (slides)

Alice Guionnet (ENS Lyon et Académie des Sciences)
Tuesday, June 25th, 10h – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
Entropie et grandes déviations en théorie des matrices aléatoires

Frank Merle (Université de Cergy-Pontoise et IHES.)
Thursday, January 10th, 10h – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
Asymptotics for Critical Nonlinear Dispersive Equations (slides)

Felix Otto (MPI Leipzig)
Tuesday, November 20th, 10h – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
Randomness in Partial Differential Equations (slides)

R. Tyrrell Rockafellar (University of Washington)
Thursday, October 25th, 9h – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
Part I: The Role of Convex Analysis in Optimization (slides)
Part II: Progressive Decoupling of Linkages in Optimization with Elicitable Convexity (slides)

Carsten Carstensen (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany)
Tuesday, September 4th, 14h – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin Schemes (slides)

Bjorn Engquist (The University of Texas at Austin)
Thursday, June 7th, 15h30 – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
Multiscale dynamical systems and parareal algorithms (slides)

Arturo Kohatsu-Higa (Ritsumeikan University)
Thursday, May 31st, 15h15 – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
IPB pour diffusions arrêtées

Panagiotis Souganidis (The University of Chicago)
Friday, May 18th, 16h – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
Nonlinear stochastic partial differential equations (slides)

Yann Brenier (ENS)
Monday, March 5th, 10h30 – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
Le problème de Cauchy pour les systèmes de lois de conservation entropiques traité par minimisation convexe (slides)

Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS de Lyon et Académie des Sciences)
Monday, December 18th, 14h – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
Forçage quasi-résonnant d’ondes internes dans un domaine avec topographie
(en collaboration avec Yves Colin de Verdière)

Daniel Kuhn (EPFL)
Wednesday, October 4th, 15h30 – Salle de séminaire du CERMICS
Data-driven Distributionally Robust Optimization Using the Wasserstein Metric: Performance Guarantees and Tractable Reformulations

Arnak Dalalyan (ENSAE)
Thursday, June 15th 2017, 10h
On the Exponentially Weighted Aggregate with the Laplace Prior

Mitchell Luskin (University of Minnesota)
Monday October 17th, 2016, 14h
Mathematical Modelling of Incommensurate Materials

Common seminar CERMICS/IMAGINE
Tuesday June 7th, 10h
10h : Mathieu Aubry (IMAGINE, École des Ponts ParisTech), Representing 3D models for matching and retrieving (abstract, slides),
11h : Francis Bach (Inria et ENS), Beyond stochastic gradient descent for large-scale machine learning (abstract, slides).

Emilie Kaufmann (CNRS)
Wednesday March 30th, 2016, 14h
Multi-armed bandit models: a tutorial (slides)

Hugo Touchette (National Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Monday November 30th, 2015, 14h
Théorie des grandes déviations : des mathématiques à la physique. (slides)