Young Researchers Seminar

At CERMICS, we organize roughly every two weeks a seminar for the young researchers, ranging from interns to post-docs. The subject and the format of the presentation are varied, and the seminar is open to everyone who is interested : if you are external to the lab, contact one of the organizers to arrange your visit !

Organizers of the seminar

Forthcoming presentations and events (Schedule)

Past presentations and events



      • By Maxime Chupin (CEREMADE) – Wednesday 07/12, 2:00 pm – CERMICS seminar room

      • By Zoe Fornier CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday 23/11, 3:00 pm – CERMICS seminar room

      • From November 2nd to November 4th in Provins.

      • Real-World modelling and validation for applications in the insurance industry

        By Hervé Andres CERMICS, ENPC – Tuesday 05/07, 3:30 pm – CERMICS seminar room

      • Improved multiscale finite element methods for advection-diffusion problems

        By Rutger Biezemans, CERMICS, ENPC – Thursday 02/05, 2:00 pm – room F102

      • A tractable class of Partially Observed Markovian Decision Process: det-POMDP

        By Cyrille Vessaire, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday 25/05, 2:00 pm – CERMICS seminar room

      • Off-the-grid learning of sparse mixtures from a continuous dictionary

        By Clément Hardy, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday 11/05, 2:00 pm – CERMICS seminar room

      • Algorithms for Restricted-Open-Shell Hartree Fock

        By Laurent Vidal, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday 27/04, 2:00 pm – CERMICS seminar room

      • Elliptic homogenization for a class of highly oscillating non-periodic potentials

        By Rémi Goudey, CERMICS, ENPC – Thursday 07/04, 2:00 pm – room F103

      • Discretizing Langevin dynamics with multiplicative noise for sampling high-dimensional probability measures

        By Régis Santet, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday 16/03, 3:00 pm – room F102


Subdifferentiability in Convex and Stochastic Optimization Applied to Renewable Power Systems

By Adrien Lefranc, CERMICS, ENPC – Monday 29/11, 2:30 pm – CERMICS seminar room

Stochastic optimization for the procurement of crude oil in refineries
By Thomas Martin, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday 23/11, 2:30 pm – CERMICS seminar room

Epidemic models in Infinite dimension and optimal vaccination strategies
By Dylan Dronnier, CERMICS, ENPC – Tuesday 16/11, 2:30 pm – Coriolis, F108

Central limit theorem over non-linear functionals of empirical measures: beyond the iid setting
By Roberta Flenghi, CERMICS, ENPC – Tuesday 09/11, 2:30 pm – Coriolis, CERMICS seminar room

2-Stage Stochastic Linear Programming and Polyhedral Geometry
By Maël Forcer, CERMICS, ENPC – Tuesday 19/10, 2:30 pm – Coriolis, CERMICS seminar room

Matrices de covariance: diffusions, probabilités libres et apprentissage profond
By Ezechiel Kahn, CERMICS, ENPC – Tuesday 15/06, 3 pm

Quasi-noyaux dans les graphes orientés
By Hélène Langlois, CERMICS, ENPC – Tuesday 19/05, 3 pm

Multi-scale finite element methods
By Rutger Biezemans, CERMICS, ENPC – Tuesday 15/04, 3 pm


Scheduling algorithms for an industrial solver
By Léa Blaise, LocalSolver – Tuesday 03/10, 1:30 pm – Coriolis, CERMICS seminar room

Strong solutions to a beta-Wishart particle system
By Ezechiel Kahn, CERMICS, ENPC – Tuesday 03/03, 1:30 pm – Coriolis, CERMICS seminar room


An infinite-dimensional SIS model
By Dylan Dronnier, CERMICS, ENPC – Thursday December the 3rd, 1:30 pm – Coriolis, room F207

Rate of convergence towards equilibrium for a collisionless gas: a coupling approach
By Armand Bernou, LPSM, Paris 6 – Tuesday November the 19th, 1:30 pm

Mathematical quantum chemistry… and how to apply it in a periodic setting (slides)
By Michael Herbst, CERMICS, ENPC – Thursday November the 7th, 1:30 p.m.

A synthetic model for asset and liability and liability management with and analysis of the SCR with the standard formula
By Adel Cherchali, CERMICS, ENPC – Thursday October the 15th, 1:30 pm

Robust coarse spaces for the boundary element method
By Pierre Marchand, LJLL, Paris 6 – Wednesday June the 19th, 3 p.m.

Sampling rare events with AMS: about having the correct ensemble of initial conditions
By Laura Lopes, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday June the 5th, 3 p.m.

Bias behaviour for mean-field rank based particle approximations of one dimensional viscous scalar conservation law
By Oumaima Bencheikh, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday April the 24th, 3 p.m.

New weak error bounds and expansions for optimal quantization
By Thibaut Montes, LPSM, Université Paris 6 – Wednesday April the 10th, 3 p.m.

A new family of one dimensional martingale couplings
By William Margheriti, CERMICS, ENPC – Tuesday March the 26th, 3 p.m.

Couches limites en océanographie : le modèle quasigéostrophique
By Gabriela Lopez, LJLL, Université Paris 6 – Wednesday March the 13th, 3 p.m.

Metastable processes and quasi-stationary distributions
By Mouad Ramil, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday February the 13th, 3 p.m.

Approximation of OT problems with marginal moments constraints
By Rafaël Coyaud, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday January the 16th, 3 p.m.


Balancing cost and flexibility in supply chain
By Étienne de Saint Germain, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday December the 5th, 3 p.m.

Theoretical and numerical analysis of non-reversible dynamics in computational statistical physics
By Julien Roussel, CERMICS, ENPC – Monday November the 19th, 2 p.m.

The Generalized Parallel Replica dynamics for the long time simulation of metastable biochemical systems
By Florent Hédin, CERMICS, ENPC – Thursday November the 8th, 2 p.m.

Mean-field limit for a Cucker-Smale particle system with random alignment force
By Angelo Rosello, IRMAR, ENS Rennes – Tuesday October the 16th, 3 p.m.

Linear Programming for Influence Diagrams: exact approaches
By Victor Cohen, CERMICS, ENPC – Wednesday October the 3rd, 3 p.m.

The Hohenberg-Kohn theorem
By Louis Garrigue, CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine

PAW method for eigenvalues problems of electronic Hamiltonians
By Mi-Song Dupuy, LJLL, Université Paris Diderot

Asymptotic analysis of large random graphs (slides)2019.11.07_enpc_math_qchem
By Marion Sciauveau, LAGA, Université Paris 13 / CERMICS, ENPC

Continuous-time principal-agent problem with uncertain parameter and path-dependent FBSDEs (slides)
By Kaitong Hu, CMAP, Ecole polytechnique

Bias behaviour and antithetic sampling in mean-field particle approximations of SDEs nonlinear in the sense of McKean
By Oumaima Bencheikh, CERMICS, ENPC – Tuesday May the 22nd, 3 p.m.

Non central limit theorem on Poisson space
By Ronan Herry, Université du Luxembourg, LAMA

Numerical methods for the valuation and partial hedging problem (slides)
By Cyril Benezet, LPSM, Université Paris Diderot

Effective Dirac equations in honeycomb structures (slides)
By William Borrelli, CEREMADE, Université Paris-Dauphine

Statistical analysis of manifold-valued data
By Maxime Louis, Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Numerical approximation of the invariant measure of a stochastic conservation law
By Sofiane Martel, CERMICS / laboratoire d’hydraulique Saint Venant, ENPC

Local time and finance applications
By Mohammed Anass Ben Taleb, CERMICS, ENPC

Numerical approximations of McKean anticipative backward stochastic differential equations arising in variation margin requirements (slides)
By Alexandre Zhou, CERMICS, ENPC

On risk averse competitive equilibrium (slides)
By Henri Gerard, CERMICS, ENPC

Cluster dynamics in materials: a hybrid deterministic/stochastic coupling algorithm (slides)
By Pierre Terrier, CEA Saclay / CERMICS, ENPC

Dynamic visco-plasticity computed with discrete element methods
By Frédéric Marazzato, CERMICS, ENPC

Course: Markov chain and stochastic stability, the analyst’s point of view
By Grégoire Ferré, CERMICS, ENPC


Algorithms for Train Scheduling on a Single Line (slides)
By Laurent Daudet, CERMICS, ENPC

Mathematics for Photovoltaic: From Cross-Diffusion to Schrödinger operator (slides)
By Athmane Bakhta, CERMICS, ENPC

Considérations sur une équation intégrodifférentielle avec retard
By Marc Josien, CERMICS, ENPC

Spectral Methods and Semi-Classical Analysis in Molecular Dynamic (slides)
By Boris Nectoux, CERMICS, ENPC

Some topics on quantum transport (slides)
By Lingling Cao, CERMICS, ENPC

Solving the Firefighter problem on trees (slides)
By Adèle Pass-Lanneau, CERMICS, ENPC

An energy-conserving explicit time-integration scheme for nonlinear Hamiltonian dynamics (slides)
By Frédéric Marazzato, CERMICS, ENPC

Duality structure for multi-marginal martingale optimal transport
By Hadrien De March, CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique

On the discretization of Feynman-Kac semi-groups (slides)
By Grégoire Ferré, CERMICS, ENPC

Adaptive Multilevel Splitting: sampling rare events in molecular dynamic
By Laura Silva-Lopes, CERMICS, ENPC

Stochastic homogenization: estimation of fluctuations in multiscale materials (slides)
By Pierre-Loïk Rothé, CERMICS / NAVIER, ENPC

Using stochastic optimization for the management of energy systems (slides)
By François Pacaud, CERMICS, ENPC / Efficacity

Resource constrained shortest path algorithm for EDF short-term thermal production planning problem (slides)
By Markus Kruber, RWTH Aachen University / CERMICS, ENPC

Discontinuous Skeletal Methods for yield stress fluids (slides)
By Karol Cascavita, CERMICS, ENPC

A continuous ancestral recombination graph
By Gustave Emprin, CERMICS, ENPC

Sur les électrons dans un cristal (opérateurs de Schrödinger périodiques)
By Athmane Bakhta, CERMICS, ENPC

A stochastic multi-item lot-sizing problem with bounded number of setups (slides)
By Etienne de Saint Germain, Argon Consulting / CERMICS, ENPC

Simulations de dislocations par l’équation de Weertman (slides)
By Marc Josien, CERMICS, ENPC


Méthodes d’EDP pour la physique statistique (slides)
By Julien Roussel, CERMICS, ENPC

Etude de fonctionnelles de coût sur les arbres aléatoires (slides)
By Marion Sciauveau, CERMICS, ENPC

Fake Brownian motion and calibration of regime switching local volatility models (slides)
By Alexandre Zhou, CERMICS, ENPC

Computing kernels of graphs (slides)
By Adèle Pass-Lanneau, CERMICS, ENPC