Journées Scientifiques des Jeunes du Cermics (JSJC)

First edition (2022-2023)

The first edition of the JSJC will take place from November 2nd to November 4th in Provins. Here is a preliminary schedule, with supplementary materials available for some presentations.

Wednesday, November 2nd


Travel by bus from CERMICS, meeting at 7:45 a.m. Once in Provins, installation, presentation of the schedule and the participants, informal discussion.

Afternoon (13h30 – 17h30) : Modelling, Analysis and Simulation

  • Presentation of the different MAS themes, by Laurent, Renato et Rutger. slides
  • Complex analysis, by Eloïse. notebook
  • Homogenization with FreeFem++, by Rutger. slides and code
  • Numerical statistical physics, by Régis. notebook

Thursday, November 3rd

Morning (9h00 – 12h30) : Optimization

  • Team presentation, by Zoé. slides
  • Operations research and machine learning with Julia, by Louis and Léo. git repo
  • Graphs, by Hélène. slides and poll results
  • Dynamic programming, by Emmanuele. slides
  • Stochastic optimization, by Vitor. slides


Scavenger hunt inside the medieval city.

Friday, November 4th

Morning (9h00 – 12h30): Probability

The morning will be concluded by a discussion with Urbain Vaes about the possible follow-ups in the academia after a PhD. slides

Afternoon (14h00 – 16h00):

Important stuff to know and do at CERMICS by Régis. slides

Travel back to CERMICS.