KIRO #7, the operations research hackathon of Ecole des Ponts

The 7th edition of KIRO was organized at Ecole des Ponts on Thursday 9th November. KIRO is a hackathon centering on techniques and applications of operations research. This unique event among the French Grandes Ecoles is organized each year by the operation research group at CERMICS (Axel Parmentier and his PhD students) together with the Club Informatique de l’École des Ponts, the Fondation des Ponts, and a company who proposes the problem to be solved. The 7th edition was sponsored by RTE and focused on the design of a network of offshore windmills. Students from all over France participated. Laureates came from Université de Lorraine, Télécom Paris, Centrale Paris, ENS Saclay, and Ecole des Ponts.