Machine Learning Seminar

Tuesdays at 1:30 pm in the CERMICS seminar room (mostly)


Presentations on various applications of machine learning.

13/11/19 Robert Benda Machine learning for drug design, medicine and quantum chemistry (slides)
28/01/20 Clément Hénin Differential privacy


Reading group based on Pattern recognition and machine learning (Bishop, 2006).

05/02/19 Clément Henin Introduction
19/02/19 William Margheriti Probability Distributions
05/03/19 Adel Cherchali Linear Models for Regression
19/03/19 Zineb Belkacemi Linear Models for Classification
02/04/19 Thomas Martin Neural Networks Part I
16/04/19 Thomas Bittar Neural Networks Part II
30/04/19 Ézéchiel Kahn Kernel Methods
14/05/19 Victor Cohen Graphical Models
28/05/19 Zineb Belkacemi Sparse Kernel Machines